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AQAD is the creative expression of Andrea Quagliata. Our mission is to create or enhance brand, advertising and marketing value to support successful business ventures for a better world across B2B and B2C verticals.

We collaborate with our clients to help them effectively engage their audience. We're scrappy, we hustle and we believe in what they offer.

Our method is simple. We sit down and understand how to tell a story that excites people by leveraging as much as we can find out about them. We believe nuances are important and integrity is key.


Silver Addy
Finalist TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield
Finalist Photographer’s Forum
Winner Label Magazine Photo Contest
Winner Circuit3Change
Featured with a documentary on RAI TV
Published by Italian Photography Center
Exhibited at Milan Int'l Design Show
Book on SMH collected by Harvard Library
Winner Branding AAU Spring Show